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The Easy Guide to Diaper Changes

New mothers soon realizes that they a lot more to do than just feeding and outing their newborns to bed. It means doing every activity related to your child. As a first time mother, one of your daily responsibilities will be changing diapers.

While doing this, it is important that you be extra cautious and on the watch. Through this, you will easily master how often your baby is pooping so as to make the right schedule of diaper change. Below are a number of things that will make the time for diaper change a breeze. The first essential is the changing mat. It is recommended that you have in place at least three mats which are water resistant. This due to the fact that they will probably get soiled and you want to wash them before you can use them again. If the mat is dirty, you ought to put it in a basket and place another clean mat.

As your baby lies down on the mat, he will need some source of entertainment as well.Therefore, you should have a few toys to divert they attention. This will make you have an easy time for changing. You should place the rattles just next to you so that you can reach them easily anytime you want.

Of course, you will need as many diapers as possible as you will be changing your baby more often for the sake of his or her health. Babies tend to have sensitive skins that can easily get rashes. Mostly this happens when they have stayed for long without a diaper change. You will definitely need many wipes. Because they will be used to wipe your baby’s skin, you need to select the best. It is better if the wipes are easy to handle, wet and also soft. In most cases, you will find the wipes too cold to be used on a baby’s skin. However, there are warmers which are specifically made for the wipes.

Next, you will need an ointment or a cream. After you have changed you babes diaper, you can apply them on the skin so that he or she does not get rashes. It is proper to choose one that would not react to your baby’s skin. These ointments can be found in many chemists. You can as well use the ma long with a moisturizer. After the change, you can either use a baby powder or any other baby fragrance simply for a nice feel. With all these essentials, you will surely enjoy your baby’s diaper changing time.

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