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Acting in Accordance with Sexual Harassment Law Under California Hostile Workplace Laws

California Labor Laws cover a wide range of statutes whose aim is to not only protect the well-being of the employees but to also bring a balance between the business sectors and labor without disregarding the privileges of businesses. One of the laws covered under the California labour laws is known as the Hostile Work Environment Laws. Protecting workers against hostile working conditions that they encounter in their places of work is one of the primary aim of these laws. In most cases, these harassments interfere with the employee’s ability to carry out his or her task. And it is for this reason that all supervisors and managers must undergo two-hours sexual harassment prevention training after every two years to prevent such harassment from occurring in their company or businesses.

In this regard, this piece will focus on enlightening you on some of the requirements that all companies and businesses must abide by to make sure that they are observing the Sexual Harassment Law Under California Labor Laws.

One question that every company and industry in California ask is whether the law covers them. But it is good to note that the California Labor Laws protects firms and companies that have 50 or more employees. Besides that, the California Labor laws protect those companies and business that have temporary independent employees and contractors even if the company in question has 40 regular workers on their payroll and 10 or more temporary independent contractors and workers.

California Labor law mandates all supervisors and managers to receive training on sexual harassment measures. In California, the meaning of supervisor varies. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act, for instance, considers a supervisor as a person who is responsible for recruiting, laying off, promoting and transferring employees as well as listening to their requirements and effectively passing orders without being biased. Apart from that, employers who take part in decision-making process, but do not make the final decisions, are required to receive training on the sexual harassment prevention training as they are considered to be supervisors under the law.

As mentioned earlier, sexual harassment prevention training occurs after every two years for only two hours. This training is provided by professional trainers or educators who are well versed in everything that has to do with prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.How the training is delivered also matters. Thus as an educator you need to maintain a vibrant classroom that allows for the students to air out their comments and also offer videos in your lessons. In short, the interactive session involves asking questions, answering each one of them, role-playing and testing the participants at the end of the training session to gauge what they learned.

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